Afforestation Lahore

Lahore Hub has partnered with “The Afforestation Lahore Project”, which is a landmark initiative of the Commissioner Office Lahore in collaboration with the Lahore Biennale Foundation (LBF) who have brought the government and the civil society together for the greater good and longevity of the city and its people and aims to plant more than 8.7 million indigenous trees in the next 5 years. Through working alongside artists, as catalysts and mobilisers of the plantation drive, the Afforestation Project makes use of a collaborative approach that focuses on supporting research and development, and partnerships between various departments of government, civil society and the residents of Lahore.

The project goal is to supplement the existing measures undertaken by the government to localize plant species, build new nurseries, create employment opportunities and to reduce carbon emission by implementing such a large scale plantation drive that would in turn counteract the 75% loss in tree coverage in Lahore over the last 20 years.