AI Youth Manifesto - Puebla Hub

This Manifesto of the country's Youth on Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents the will and desire of young Mexicans for the ethical and responsible use of these tools. Based on the above, we urge the implementation of the following principles to guarantee a present and future in which AI technologies benefit all of humanity, thus including the voice and needs of youth.


1.Create ecosystem with NGOs and civil society

2.Build the manifesto according to the desired values and needs

3.Generate alliances with private sector stakeholders

4.Sign The Youth AI Manifesto at Senate of Republic of Mexico

5.Presentate in Local Congress tropicalized edition


The impact lies in guiding AI development with ethical principles, advocating for social grounding, promoting agency and responsibility, and fostering equitable resource sharing, ultimately paving the way for a more inclusive and beneficial AI-driven future.

Principal Objetives

Our main objective is to create the first manifesto on Artificial Intelligence that promotes its ethical use

1. Create a collaboration agreement with an expert organization on the subject

2. Create 1 manifesto about AI

3. Agree on 1 intervention from the government sector to take the initiative to the Senate of the Republic

4. Add 3 strategic allies from the business sector, academia and government to replicate at the national level


1. AI Future Lab

2. Senator Indira Kempis

3. N Technology

4. Endeavor

5. Katya Echazarreta