Impact - website for social good (beta version - was a website that served as a tool for effective altruism (or as a single reference resource about organizations and volunteer groups in the sphere of social good and impact in Astana (Nur-Sultan) for 3+ years).


It was created since there was no current resource with information on trusted public funds, charitable foundations, NGOs, or even just initiative groups that successfully provide assistance to different categories of citizens, animals and ecology in Astana. The data was either obsolete, not up-to-date, or separate in many different sources. Also, most often the hub received questions from friends and acquaintances on how to donate items/clothing as gifts or whether there are shelters for animals in city, and many wanted to volunteer by helping elderly and adults in difficult life situations. It was more effective for people to provide assistance through organizations that have been verified - a list of those who are improving the life of the city / citizens in capital was offered at Organizations counted up to 175 and are divided into 4 target categories - children, adults, seniors, and animals.


Through the site, following was achieved:


👆 each person (especially in Astana) or their company could find the very organization to help, maybe on an ongoing basis (volunteer, support by funds or word) ;


✌ any person in need or in a difficult life situation could check the base of organizations that can offer legal advice, help with medical issues, or find points of distribution of food and clothing for the crisis period;


👌 existing organizations working with certain beneficiaries were able to find the prerequisites for joint projects / cooperation;


🖖 and, finally, some organizations unfamiliar to a wider audience would have been able to get publicity and find people who are not indifferent / means / help for their projects, which benefit the lives of our citizens daily.


The Nur-Sultan Hub has provided their data to city akimat (mayor's office) for the beneficial use in social help services. By engaging with city audience, 10 more organizations have been added to the portal. At the end due to lack of funds to keep up the project, the site was closed, but the map with organizations remained active in digital space.