Social Problem: Our society is polarized. Not only in Europe. People live in isolated filter bubbles that make it difficult to have a constructive exchange with those who think differently. Your own friends are preselected because of the need for harmony and like-mindedness. So individual opinion bubbles form in which there is only one opinion, truth and one worldview. This increases misunderstanding between population groups and results in indifference to others, hatred and alternative truths.

Approach: (Other Opinion) connects people with different opinions and helps them have a respectful discussion. It is a tool to leave your own filter bubble and broaden your worldview with a direct, personal conversation between two people. The project aims to reduce polarization in our society.

Results: resulted in the creation of a new organization called the New Dialogue Foundation with its products and Mix Opinions. Mix Opinions is provided to conferences and events to match participants with different opinions into diversified groups to have an open discussion and is used, for example, by the European Forum Alpbach.

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