Anti-Plastic Heroes

Executive Summary։

One of the most pervasive challenges that nearly every nation in the world is being forced to reckon with today is the rapid encroachment of non-biodegradable waste. Our planet is overpopulated and drowning in garbage, and there has never been a more urgent moment to seek out solutions to this crisis than now. People, Prosperity, Profit: that’s the embodiment of Circular Economy, who rise as the most achievable approach to disconnect material growth from the extensive use of our planet’s resources. First time in Armenia, Global Shapers Yerevan Hub, in cooperation with Proper Plastic and REvolve Consulting, brings together middle year students from public and private schools in Yerevan in a series of educational activities promoting the principles of circular design. One week of mentoring through various workshops in participating schools, followed shortly afterwards by a live outdoor activity seals their interest in the matter through a set of collaborative activities and games in supporting our mission in fighting plastic pollution in Armenia.



- Raise awareness and understanding of the problems caused by plastic misuse.

- Encourage and support kids and youth to become “Green Heroes”.

- Empower kids and young people to believe they can make significant changes.



- 200 children participated in the workshops.

- 300kg plastic were color sorted to be recycled in the future.


Organizations and Stakeholders։

Proper Plastic

REvolve Consulting

Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia

Yerevan Municipality

ISSD - Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development of Communities