Arab Youth Mentorship

Youth in Arab countries need to improve their professional skills to have better employment opportunities and improve their quality of life. As such, the Dubai Hub has partnered with Al Ghurair Foundation for Education (AGFE), which provides educational scholarships to arabic-speaking youth, to provide career readiness trainings through a combination of webinars, one-to-one and group mentorships aimed at improving employment skills of Arab youth.


To achieve this, the project was organized in 3 streams:


1) One-on-one mentorship: Dubai Hub mentors are paired up with a current AGFE scholar for a period of at least 10 weeks for knowledge exchange, personal and professional support.

2) Group mentorship:  in-person or online webinar for a larger group of AGFE scholars on their topics of interest. Past topics included: developing your professional brand; career planning; working remotely; advice to those starting their first job.


 3) Informational support: shapers share relevant professional opportunities with the AGFE, e.g. conferences, job opportunities, or other resources that can be helpful for the scholars. One of the initiatives is “A Day in Life” video series where shapers shared how their current job looks like and what advice they would give to a college-age self.