Athens Climate Lab

Environmental initiatives in Athens do not work. Over the past decade, many projects have been initiated, but environmental progress has been stagnating.


The Athens Climate Lab aims to bring together key stakeholders from all levels, from policy-making, to companies, civic society, activism, and education, and create a diverse and inclusive action-oriented group. Through year-long frequent interactions, the goal of this group will be to map the system around climate change in Athens, understand why past proposed solutions failed in implementation and disseminate the knowledge to all environmental project leaders in Athens, in order to help create practical, innovative projects.

The Athens Hub ambition is for the work of the Athens Climate Lab to become a point of reference between policymakers and stakeholders of different levels for climate change systems, measuring and driving change. Long-term, we hope that the Athens Climate Lab will help the Global Shapers Athens hub to become the top-of-mind youth organization for environmental project design and partnerships.