Awareness Campaign for the Oil Spill in Brazil

Problem Statement: The oil spill in the Northeastern beaches of Brazil caused the interruption of subsistence activities like fishing and tourism in the area and negative impacts on the environment.


Target Group: People who were submitted to vulnerability situations and anyone with concerns about the impacts caused by the oil spill.


Proposed Solution: Mobilize a local hackathon aimed at gathering academic people, local citizens and the government authorities to propose solutions and future projects focused on the mitigation of impacts caused by the oil spill, as well as summon volunteers to help clean the beaches and increase awareness around the region through a social media campaign.


Hub Activities: Alongside several organizations in Recife, the Recife Hub threw a hackathon aimed at creating solutions focused on the removal of the oil from the affected areas, the protection of the biodiversity in the area and the protection of population that was social and economically affected. The Hub also produced an Open Source set of visual content that was broadcasted explaining the oil spill on social media and developed an online form to map volunteers involved in citizen-led cleaning across several locations in the region.


Short & Long-Term Goals/Results: The Recife Hub was able to disseminate information about the oil spill and its impacts to people all around Brazil and raise a debate about these impacts and how the society would react to it. The virtual campaign also helped connect volunteers from different areas across the brazilian coast so they could organize bigger cleaning actions. The development of several Hackaton solutions that have had a long-term impact such as a sustainable system for family pisciculture and agriculture, a permanent system of monitoring substances in the waters of the brazilian coast, a training and mental health center for communities that rely on the sea for subsistence and a virtual platform to catalyze the fish trade that would facilitate and approach the contact between producers and consumers.


Available Metrics:

-How many people engaged to create solutions?

A: About 20 people. 

-How many Shapers participated? 

A: 6 Shapers. 

-How many days of campaign?

A: 30 days of awareness campaign on social media and 3 days of event.

-How many solutions were discussed in the event?

A: 6 long-term solutions.



Collaborators: The Brazilian hubs from Manaus, Fortaleza, Curitiba and Florianópolis. And the organizations: Recife City Hall, Orbe, Kandace, Jaqueira, Navegue, Porto Digital, Softex and LOUCO.