Awareness campaign on presidential elections in Poland

The year 2020 was the year of presidential elections in Poland. Looking at the referendums of the past years in Poland, we see that the age group of 18-29 years old individuals is the least active group of voters in Poland. Additionally, given the pandemic of COVID-19, there were new restrictions implemented which impacted the voting guidelines and the possibility to participate in the polls during the holiday season, when many, especially young, voters leave for a summer break. The Hub has decided to launch an awareness campaign in which they encouraged young people to participate in the elections, and explain the key changes in voting guidelines to ensure high attendance of the youth. 

It has been executed via Facebook awareness campaign on polish presidential elections in 2020 with two key aims, to 1) encourage youth to participate in the election process, 2) inform the voters on new voting guidelines introduced due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19.

FB campaign reached almost 10k people (9 912 to be precise), got 235 reactions (likes, hearts etc.) and 525 clicks on the post.