Be a Forest Ranger For a Day

The Global Shapers Manila Hub, with other members from different CSO (Philippine Parks and Biodiversity, Eco Exploration, and Society of Sustainability Practitioner), joined for a rewilding effort to be a Forest Ranger For a Day. They practiced ecological conservation through integration into the day-to-day responsibilities of our forest ranger.


Participants from different CSO joined the educational 8-hour hike to familiarize them with various local plant species and conducted nursery visitation and tree planting activities. The visit also resulted in noteworthy donations.


A significant aspect of this project was the active support provided by the Global Shapers Manila Hub in launching the first-ever restoration platform in the Philippines. This launch was in line with the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. Through this effort, the hub contributed to bringing together different conservation initiatives, creating a more coordinated approach to nurturing the Philippine ecosystem.

The influence of the project goes beyond its initial timeframe. Another visit was organized as a follow-up to the initial event. This subsequent visit was successful that the Union Bank of the Philippines decided to lend its support. They provided important equipment such as bags, hammocks, sleeping bags, flashlights, and first aid kits.