Beerziklatu is a Project of the Global Shapers Bilbao Hub that involves local artisan bakers with the objective of creating a local chain of circular economy. Inspired by the Brussels Beer Project, the Hub wants to give another use to the bagasse.

The first goal of the project consists on connecting local artisan brewers with a local artisan Baker which is near them, creating a self-managed network. The bread baked will be sold to final consumers through local distributors, rising awareness about the story behind its origin. This network will also involve a educational scope, teaching students and marginal groups (yet to define )about the importance of circular economy.

Challenge: For every 10 litres of beer brewed, 2kg of cereal bagasse are generated. This means a huge availability of this raw material which can be used as key ingredient in food and other resources┬┤ production.

Solution: Boost and promote the creation of a circular economy network that connects local brewers and bakers to reuse beer bagasse in the production of artisan bagasse bread.

Impact: Reuse of an underused and waste-considered resource as the bagasse; development of local networks, boost of local artisan businesses and added value products.