Bern Schenkt / Bern Gives

In collaboration with Global Shapers Zurich, the Bern Hub began a local version of Züri schenkt: Bern Gives.

By giving presents to people living in asylum centers we help to create an atmosphere of welcome for some of the most marginalised members of our community.

In Spring 2021 we were able to give about Fr. 2,500 worth of gift cards to 190 Asylum Seekeers living in 4 Asylum Centers around the city of Bern.

For Christmas 2021 we have set ourselves a goal to raise 5'000 Fr. for presents to other asylum seekers that we were not able to reach in Spring.

Through a Charity Hike activity our members are raising money from friends and family in October, and in November we will widen our fundraising efforts to the general public.

In December we will hold a card writing workshop where members of the public are invited to write Christmas Cards to Asylum Seekers, and through the story-telling of individuals who have gone through the asylum process, gain a closer insight into the asylum experience.

Currently working on the project are Josh Levent, Alejandra Jimenez, Patrick Raizerov, and Sayani Chakraborty.

To take part in any of our activity or receive more information on the project contact