Beyond the Walls of Rome

Everyone has a story to tell and everyone has a smartphone to tell it with. “Beyond the Walls of Rome” was a photojournalistic contest that encouraged all citizens to get behind the camera and capture storytelling moments in the life of Rome’s peripheral neighborhoods. The underlying idea is that photojournalism – and photography, more generally – can play a substantial role in enhancing social inclusion if in the hands of enough people; when many stories are told, awareness builds around them and meaningful changes start to occur.

Through the professional lens of internationally renowned photographers, and a photojournalistic competition, the project aimed to “bridge” Rome’s center and outskirts to foster integration and urban cohesion. The best stories were exhibited in one of the main museums of Rome, Macro Testaccio, with 1,050 photos received, press coverage from major national and international media, and over 6,000 visitors.