Biological corridors for wildlife

Problem Statement

In the department of Quindío - Colombia, there is a problem of deforestation in important areas for the passage of wildlife. The expansion of the livestock border has affected the passage of large and small mammals, thus threatening with the extinction of animals such as the mountain tapir.

The fauna at risk also includes the Tapirus pinchaque, deers, pumas, or the Andean bears, among others, who are affected by the transformation of the ecosystem.

Proposed Solution

It is essential to recover biological corridors, therefore, the planting of palm trees is being supported. Wax (species in danger of extinction) and native trees are needed to recover these important biological corridors in the Cocora village located in the municipality of Salento - Quindío, this place is strategic and therefore with the owner of the land, we are trying to reforest the area so that in a few years, the fauna will continue to use this passage without problem, in addition to conserving and maintaining the place.

It is very important to carry out the planting with people from the area so that they are involved and made aware of the importance of land reforestation and preservation , so from the Armenia hub we are promoting climate action in young people so that together we can solve this problem.

Hub Activities

The central activities are:

  • Identifying ideal plant species to plant in these critical areas

  • Planting tree species with the local community to support environmental awareness

  • Maintaining and monitoring of species planted to ensure their growth, working hand in hand with the owners of the land

Short-term goal

Carry out frequent sowings in the La Palmera property located in the Cocora village

Long-term goal

Restore areas that are on grassland to connect forest fragments.

Expected results

  • Connectivity of forest fragments

  • Conservation of areas of ecological importance.

  • Increase plant coverage on the property.

Project metrics

  • Number of trees planted

  • Number of ha reforested

  • Number of people supporting the project

The results achieved: Planting of 150 native trees and wax palms


Global Shapers Armenia hub

The national army

Owner of the property