Bogobarrios: Entrepreneurial Training for Vulnerable Communities

In order to develop the knowledge and skills that vulnerable communities in Bogotá need to create and scale their economic projects, the Bogotá Hub has designed Bogobarrios, a program to promote the SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth. This program designed a model that, thanks to the Hub volunteers and alliances, contains teaching material and supports the transfer of knowledge on entrepreneurship and soft skills to members of communities who otherwise would not have access. This project creates a platform that allows entrepreneurs to be an engine of change within their environment, supplying them with the tools to access more robust programs, and generating visibility so entrepreneurs can form economic alliances.

Current impact includes programs in several communities in Bogotá as well as an alliance with a recognized university in the country. Partnering with a university has amplified the scope of the project. By involving not only community project participants but also the university students, instructors and mentors acquire new skills to address communities and, most importantly, establish a connection with populations outside their daily lives. Ultimately, Bogobarrios promotes a synergy across socio-economic levels and develops empathy across all participants.

The main project goals are to:

  1. Make economic and entrepreneurship knowledge available to vulnerable communities

  2. Find alliances that expand the scope of the project and its impact

  3. Be a platform that vulnerable communities use to build decent work and economic growth within their context