Books that Heal

Hospitals lack adequate reading space and material to accelerate the healing process of the kids when they are admitted.
Books that Heal is an innovative reading program that provides literacy opportunities for kids who are inpatients and those who aim to use books as a way of enhancing their healing process in a conducive space.

We seek to reach out to the children in their wards or spaces who are recovering and receiving treatment. Our solution is to build mini-libraries in hospital spaces for kids who are receiving treatment and engage them with a resource person alongside volunteers. We are going to do this by collaborating with partners in identifying areas of need and exploring innovative ways to raise campaigns to raise funds and resources

Below are our planned activities for this project. We have targeted on major hospital in Ghana to implement this project.
- Volunteering to mentor kids
- Organizing a masterclass to help raise funds and resources
- Collaborating with partners to build mini-libraries

In the short term, we seek to provide literacy opportunities to these children. Our long-term goal is to bridge health and education by using books and audiovisual content to engage kids catering to those with special needs.
- Refurbishment of the children’s ward by painting the walls and designing it
- Creating a Children-friendly space with educational stickers
- Installing and fixing four bookshelves and stocking them with books (100-200)
- Having a book reading session with children and families
- Having educational audio and video content for screens in the ward. Especially for special kids wards.

So far, we have donated 1,000 books to a library that serves the Adabraka Cluster of Schools, a Government primary school in a suburb of Accra. This was done in the initiation phase of the main project.

We are collaborating with 2 social impact organizations to make the project a reality: Springup Global Network and Ideas and Books