Bootcamp: Motivación STEM. Preparando a las próximas líderes

In Mexico, less than 40% of women study STEM careers, while at an early age, only 9% show interest in any of these careers, compared to 28% of young men. Women's leadership in STEM is one of the best ways to change stigmas and encourage future generations to get involved in these areas.


The Global Shapers Hubs of Playa del Carmen and Mexico City decided to get together and carry out the Bootcamp "STEM Motivation - Preparing the next leaders" project. The project will be carried out over two days where middle and high school girls and adolescents will have the opportunity to participate in various activities and practical workshops with women experts and great professionals in STEM areas; the event will be completely virtual and will take place on June 17 and 18, 2022.

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The participants will learn to create their own crystals and minerals, they will learn about AI, and they will understand personal finances and astronomy/biology, but also, they will listen to the experiences and advice of Mexican experts who are the ones who will give the workshops.


Our Bootcamp aligns with SDGs 4, 5, and 10 by promoting equitable and quality learning opportunities. We gradually seek to eliminate bias in education and ensure the full and effective participation of women and guarantee equal opportunities for leadership and decision-making. We also seek to encourage more women not to be afraid of their careers, but above all to have fun. 


We have created alliances and decided to work with stakeholders, for example with the companies where the experts work and with different schools to achieve the desired impact of the project: Motivate and end biases for 100 girls and adolescents in STEM areas

  • Mercado Libre

  • PIT Policy Lab

  • Axalta Coating Systems

  • Orchestra Global 

  • Desobedientes 

  • Escuela Sierra Nevada Interlomas

  • Escuela Sierra Nevada San Mateo

  • Escuela Sierra Nevada The Idea