Boske - Leadership Incubator

Cartagena is a city where 31% of the population between 15-24 years old doesn't work or go to school. 72% of its people live in poverty conditions, 55% of the population have informal jobs, and 5 out of 10 public schools are in deplorable conditions. The Global Shapers Cartagena Hub believes that building leadership and entrepreneurship capabilities in other young people in the city will translate to an empowered and action-seeking group of people who can create and execute solutions to their real-life challenges. For a 1-year period, the Cartagena hub trained 22 young people between 13 and 17 years old in hard and soft skills that will allow them to work in teams, understand problems in their communities, and create solutions to tackle them. Ultimately, the goal was to replicate the mission of the Global Shapers Community at a local level: make young people central to solution-building.


The Hub aims to make young people central to solution-building, providing them with a year of training in leadership and entrepreneurship capabilities.

- 25 adolescents attended half-day monthly trainings for 1 year

- 12 trainings focused on leadership and entrepreneurship capabilities

- 6 scalable projects that solve community issues