Breathe Gurgaon

Problem Statement: As the air pollution crisis worsens in Gurugram, exacerbating health issues stemming from respiratory and pulmonary diseases brought on by the deteriorating of air quality, it is time to take legitimate and effective steps toward mitigating pollution. 


Target Group: All residents of Gurugram, Haryana.


Proposed Solution: Afforestation is a proven, successful method of creating carbon sinks to sequestrate the pollutants in the air and improve air quality while providing a range of other socio-economic, health and environmental benefits. Global Shapers Gurugram Hub, in partnership with The Tree Box Initiative & Health Set Go, brings the "Breathe Gurgaon" campaign, aimed at planting 100,000 trees through Beej Balls in Gurugram, in an effort to create a lush, green ecosystem while helping mitigate air pollution. Beej Balls, as the name suggests, are clay balls made out of Panchagravya, alluvial soil and organic manure, with 3 seeds of native trees in each ball. They grow in all seasons, using just early morning dew for its water requirement during germination, and then timed and planted in a way that once they sprout, the monsoon season takes care of the sapling for the next 3-5 months. Beej Balls are an effective way for mass plantations, as testified by renowned horticulturists, and have been used for afforestation in Africa by being airdropped. 


Hub Activities: 

  • Phase 1: Onboard relevant partners and create a fundraiser

  • Phase 2: Leverage network to raise funds (Rs 50,000)

  • Phase 3 (to begin soon): Deploy Beej Balls for a large-scale plantation drive along with volunteers. This includes finalizing the plantation area and planning the logistics of the plantation drive.


Short Term Goals/Results: To ensure that the Beej Balls germinate and grow enough to create a carbon sink for enabling carbon sequestration.


Long-Term Goals/Results: Improving air quality in Gurugram in the long run, improving health metrics and ultimately creating a culture of afforestation among the residents.


Available Metrics: 

  1. So far, the hub has onboarded 2 partners for fund-raising purposes and for procuring the Beej Balls. The hub hopes to onboard the Forest Department of Haryana, India and the Climate Reality Project for the dissemination and plantation efforts.

  2. The hub has raised INR 50,000 from individual networks and has procured 100,000 Beej Balls (INR 50 paise per beej ball) so far. The aim is to finish the plantation within the next 6 months depending on seasonal and horticulture factors and further partnerships established.



  1. The Tree Box Initiative - Provided the Beej Balls at a discounted rate

  2. HealthSetGo - Contributed in fundraising and awareness efforts