Problem statement

Romania faces pressing challenges, notably climate change, birth rate discrepancies, and potential external threats. The core hindrance in addressing these issues is the pronounced lack of awareness and education among the Romanian population, which obstructs sustainable development and proactive measures.

Target group

The initiative is tailored for the citizens and tourists of Bucharest, spanning all age groups. By centering on public spaces for mural art, the project aspires to engage a diverse spectrum of individuals, from local communities to international visitors, ensuring widespread dissemination of its messages.

Proposed solution

The hub envisions the transformative power of street art, specifically mural artworks on Bucharest’s city walls, as a compelling medium to visually articulate thematic messages. This innovative approach is anticipated to catalyze community dialogue and galvanize collective action. To augment engagement, each mural will be equipped with a scannable QR code, guiding individuals to a dedicated landing page on the hub's website, offering a deeper exploration of the artwork and the underlying issue.

Hub activities

The hub's strategic roadmap encompasses:

  • Theme conceptualization resonating with the identified challenges.

  • Scouting apt wall locations and procuring requisite permissions.

  • Onboarding and briefing local artists.

  • Orchestrating community workshops in tandem with mural creation.

  • Curating informative infographics for the the hub's website.

  • Fundraising, partnership cultivation, and holistic project promotion.

Short-Term Goals (within the next 12 months):

  • Artist Collaboration: Partner with at least 10 local artists for mural endeavors.

  • Artistic Expansion: Unveil a minimum of 3 murals throughout Bucharest.

  • Community Involvement: Host at least 6 community-centric dialogues or workshops.

  • Digital Presence: Amplify the Global Shapers Bucharest Hub's online footprint by 25%.

Long-Term Goals (within the next 3-5 years):

  • Urban Revitalization: Strive for a 20% decline in vandalism and criminal incidents near the murals.

  • Economic Revival:

    • Elevate business revenues within a 500-meter mural vicinity by 20%.

    • Lure an additional 10,000 tourists annually, attributing to the mural initiative.

  • Citywide Expansion:
    • Proliferate the mural initiative to diverse Bucharest districts, targeting 10 new murals.

Available metrics

  • Mural count, with an ambition of 10 murals across Bucharest in 3-5 years.

  • Engagement metrics, with a goal of 2,000 monthly visits to the mural-specific landing pages on the hub's website.

  • A 20% annual growth in QR code scans, reflecting sustained community interest.

Project collaborators

The hub intends to partner with pertinent NGOs and key public stakeholders who are well-positioned to address the pressing challenges. Initially, the collaborations will feature organizations such as Street Art Tours Bucharest and Alternative Bucharest. These entities are dedicated to enhancing Bucharest's artistic landscape and bolstering public appreciation for visual art.