Build for Tomorrow

Problem Statement: Industries in the Philippines are grappling with inefficient waste management, the pervasive impact of plastic waste, and the escalating issue on food waste. It is due to the absence of a cohesive collaborative platform that hindered the exchange of best practices, resource sharing, and the adoption of innovative solutions across sectors.

Target Group: International and Local Companies, Government Departments, NGOs and LGUs

Proposed Solution:

  1. Facilitate Discourse: The project objective is to create a platform for companies from diverse industries to engage in meaningful discussions, share ideas and perspectives, and collaborate on sustainability challenges and opportunities.

  2. Foster Partnerships: The aim is to encourage cross-industry partnerships between companies within the network, aligning those with innovative solutions with those seeking them.

  3. Accelerate Transformative Action: The goal is to drive substantial change by delivering tailored resources that meet the specific needs and goals of companies.

Hub Activities:

  1. Build for Tomorrow: Event on Future of Construction through Sustainability

  2. Corporate Action Paper: Research on Post-Construction Waste

Short and Long-Term Goals:

  • Short-term: to initiate and establish a vibrant collaborative ecosystem among companies and stakeholders (waste experts, waste changemakers/ leaders, business leaders/ executives).

  • Long-term: Main goal is to drive a fundamental shift in the way industries operate, enabling a widespread adoption of sustainable practices and fostering a circular economy within the Philippines and Southeast Asia. This entails achieving lasting and transformative change in waste management, resource utilization, and overall environmental impact.

Available Metrics:

  • Number of participants: Number of companies, stakeholders, and individuals participated throughout the entire project

  • Campaign Reach: website visits, social media engagement, event attendance

  • Platform Engagement: deep dive dialogue participation, engagement during sessions

  • Dialogue Participation: Number of dialogues and discussions held among companies and stakeholders

Project Collaborators: Arcadia Sustainability Sustainable PH KMC Solutions