Café de Ciudad 4.0 (City´s Coffee 4.0)


Café de Ciudad 4.0 is a bi-monthly conversation led by Global Shaper Manizales in which actors from the public, private, academic and civil society sectors participate to debate about the environmental issues and technological challenges in the matter  and its implications in the local context. Café de Ciudad 4.0 seeks to build a more informed and critical citizenry, and tools to elaborate community and connection between experiences and initiatives related at local and national scale.


The citizen meeting spaces promoted by Café de Ciudad 4.0 goes beyond of an informative traditional conversation, involving "disruptive" methodologies that promote an active role of the participants, thus making them to take ownership of related to environmental issues and technological challenges in the matter, and proposing solutions to face challenges and develop opportunities derived from the environmental issues in the local context.


In 2019, Global Shapers Manizales conducted seven Cafés de Ciudad 4.0 addressing issues such as 4RI for dummies, the future of economic sectors prioritized by the local competitiveness agenda, the impact of 4RI on education, employment, social gaps, among others, which reached more than 700 young people, businessmen, government officials, leaders of the civil sector and academics.


Café de Ciudad 4.0 created a Technical Board for 4RI, involving the public, academic and private sectors in the construction of a roadmap that allows the region to be competitive and prosper under the new 4RI paradigm. Likewise, Global Shaper Manizales led a debate with the candidates for Mayor of Manizales to discuss their strategies within the framework of 4RI, in order to map 4RI on the city's public agenda and achieve political commitment to build in the city the capability to face technological transformation.


Café de Ciudad is part of a citizen movement called Lunes de Ciudad, which fosters decentralized spaces for intersectoral discussions in more than 15 cities and five countries. In Manizales, Café de Ciudad 4.0. started in August 2018 addressing various topics such as corruption, sustainable tourism, migration of Venezuelans and the state of higher education. In 2019, the initiative was transformed into Café de Ciudad 4.0, with the aim of making visible and discussing the implications of 4RI for the city.

By the actual date the focus of Café de Ciudad 4.0 is narrowed to environmental subjects related to local and global challenges in the matter.


Promote awareness and discussion spaces to debate the implications of environmental issues and technological challenges for the city, aiming to build a common platform for the co-construction of a community and citizen actions related to the subject in the city.

-Promote awareness of environmental issues and technological challenges in the matter and its implications in the local context.

-Articulate the public-private-academic-social sectors to create visible conclusions and a gross database for the mapping of relevant actors in the subject locally and nationally.

-Make visible successful local experiences related to global trends in environmental issues and technological challenges.

-Promote debates with alternative/opposing perspectives on local challenges and opportunities within the framework of environmental issues and technological challenges, as a platform of a common discussion to all hubs across Colombia,  neighbours and allies (Chicago, Caracas) to build Green Shapers community related to the subjects in matter.


Outputs for previous years:

-Built a Technical Board for the 4RI, including leaders from the public (Mayor of Manizales), academic (National University of Colombia and University of Manizales) and private sectors (Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Corporations from the ICT sector).

-7 Cafés de Ciudad 4.0 conducted. The events addressed topics such as 4RI for Dummies, The future of the economic Sectors prioritized by the local Competitiveness Agenda (Metalworking, Textile, tourism, agriculture, dairy, Biotechnology and ICT), human talent and education.

-700 young people, businessmen, governors, leaders of the civil sector and academics participated in the events carried out by the project.

-Conducted a debate about the Fourth Industrial Revolution with the candidates for mayor of Manizales

-Published five reports derived from the discussions and conclusions of the events

-Partnered with the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and other Global Shapers Colombia hubs for the development of the event "Trends and technologies in 4RI"

-Development of the Report "Manizales and Caldas on the way to the Fourth Industrial Revolution", a context analysis of the local and regional reality within the framework of the 4R


Expected outcomes for 2024:

-To develop a database with 1000 actors related to the subjects, to make a viable community with regular and active proposals related to the matter, locally and nationally.

-To make at least 6 spaces of Café de Ciudad 4.0 related with Circular economy, sustainable energy sources, bioeconomy and other subjects related to the matter following SDG and governship plans related to the matter.

-To integrate at least one hub in each session for cross-hub work and initiative integration.

-To generate a binnacle with project´s methodology for its replication in other GS community hubs.

Impact Areas:

SDG 4 - Quality education

SDG 7 - Affordable and clean energy

SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infraestructure

SDG 11 - Sustainable cities and communities

SDG 12 - Responsable consumption and production

SDG 13 - Climate action


Project Needs and technical outcomes:

Knowledge binnacle registry Technological transfer of the project´s methodology to other hubs, so they can replicate it in their cities.



Lunes de Ciudad

Alcaldía de Manizales (Mayor’s Office of Manizales)

Universidad Nacional de Colombia (National University of Colombia)

Universidad de Manizales (Manizales University)

Business Partners: IoTICs, Alsus IT


Civil society

Mantix (Manizales Business patern)

Commerce camera of Manizales

GSC hubs



Juan Manuel Salazar