Capacity Building and Career Guidance

Upon graduation, many young Malians find themselves alone, anxious and therefore weakened at the mere idea of looking for a job. This is mainly because they are ill-prepared to embark on their job search and lack the knowledge, attitudes and skills to facilitate such an endeavor.
It is in this context that Bamako Hub has launched a capacity building and career guidance programme for young people in the city of Bamako.

The training took place on 12 September 2020 at the Musso Kunda centre in Korofina. Out of the 20 selected candidates, 15 took part in the training. The first of the two training sessions was about CV writing and motivation letter and the second on Job interview/ how to apply and how to use Linkedin.

At the end of the training, the curator handed over the certificates of completion to the trainees. Out of the 15 trainees 5 were awarded two months internship at Accountability Lab Bamako and Binthly Communication.

One of those five was lucky enough to secure a job thanks to a connexion she made during her internship.