Caracas 2030

With Caracas 2030, the Caracas Hub aims to address the predominance of a negative perception of Venezuela’s current situation and the inability of most of the young population to engage in activities connected to a common purpose of building a better country. The project seeks to generate and promote a country vision for the year 2030 in the framework of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) and the World Economic Forum agenda.

Caracas 2030 has two pillars: mapping the current state of 4IR initiatives in Caracas and diffusion of content about 4IR. The project aims to achieve this by mapping relevant actors that are already involved in activities related to the 4IR and sharing the findings of the country's local reality contrasted with global trends. Caracas 2030 wants to diffuse content of 4IR to different audiences like students, businessmen, entrepreneurs among others. This will be done through workshops, meetings, forums, digital media, and more.

In its first six months, the project seeks to reach more than 300 people through its workshops, meetings and forums. Caracas 2030 also hopes to reach more than 5,000 people through its podcasts, radio interventions and digital media.