Problem Statement:

Though mothering in many ways is the gateway to society, how society treats and provides the right tools for mothers to be successful in the 21st Century can be improved.


Care4hIR is a project geared towards preparing and providing mothers with the tools and resources they need to face the challenges and the needs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Desired Outcomes:

Our desired outcomes include a greater assessment of the needs of working mothers of the Oakland community.

Our short term goal is to survey 1,0000 mothers in Oakland to access their individual and collective needs and work to build stakeholder capital among community, private and public entities. Our intended impact is to ensure there are more programs focusing on supporting mother’s needs such as free or lost education, workforce development support, business development, entrepreneurship and home ownership.

In addition to utilizing survey data, we will work in the long-term with the city of Oakland/Oakland developers to negotiate a Section 8 home buying hybrid program so that mothers can also achieve the dream of homeownership as well as work with community colleges and universities to identify on campus working single mothers and create workforce pipeline to fill and create jobs in alignment with the 4th Industrial Revolution.

This will both empower and equip mothers to prepare for the future of work while also simultaneously inventing in the future of their children and hence the leaders of tomorrow!