Career Shaping

Career management skills are skills that every individual must learn to successfully manage their careers. One of the difficulties faced by Albanian youth is the lack of career counseling and professional orientation. That is why Global Shapers Tirana Hub is developing the project “Career Shaping”.

Career Shaping is a 7-week training program, through which the Hub aims at preparing and orienting the professionals of the future.

The purpose of this training is to help young people develop the knowledge and skills needed to make successful choices, manage their learning movements, and enter the job market. These training cycles enable young people to:

  • Identify and evaluate their interests, skills, and values;

  • Identify and evaluate opportunities for education, training, and employment (includes recognition of profession providers and / or education / training providers);

  • Make decisions about future career goals (eg. career choice)

  • Create a plan of activities to achieve their career goal and implement their plan (this includes skills and job search)