Catarina do Bem

Problem Statement

The Catarina do Bem project emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the need for attention in other areas of health , such as care for patients with chronic diseases, information and prevention, as well as supplies for patients dependent on donors such as blood banks, human milk banks, among others.

Target Group

Patients in Joinville suffering from chronic diseases and patients dependent on blood and milk supply.

Proposed Solution

The Joinville Hub launched the Catarina do Bem project which proposes to prepare a fundraising plan as well as collect blood and milk from donors for the health areas indirectly affected by the pandemic, as well as providing information to the population on the issues addressed.

Hub Activities

In its first edition, held in June 2021, Catarina do Bem promoted a three-days blood donation campaign in partnership with the blood bank in our city. Information about blood donation was disclosed on the hub's social media channels to encourage donors to participate, in addition to thanking donors on the days of the event with decoration of the place and personalized snack after blood donation.

In the second edition, held in August 2021, Catarina do Bem promoted an educational series over five days with video lessons on our social media on the importance of breastfeeding and handling the main difficulties faced by the surveyed mothers, in partnership with the human milk bank of our the city, as well as guidance and encouragement for the donation of human milk.

We also carried out, throughout the month, a campaign on our social media encouraging the donation of glass jars (since these can ve sterilized and reused in milk banks to store the donated milk).

Available Metrics

The campaign raised more than 1000 glass jars, which were distributed in the city's milk bank and the surplus was donated to two more public milk banks in neighboring cities.