Change your view change the world

We can not always influence the external circumstances in our lives, but we can always choose  our perception of these circumstances. With the project "Change your view - change the world!" we would like to educate and inform young people on how to deal effectively with stress, mental disorders, continuous time pressure, troubles in personal relationships etc. and the factors that cause them and reduce the quality of life. As a key target group we see young people under 30 years because young people are the ones who will shape our world in the future. 

We will prepare 4 lectures during which we will inform and teach young people how to cope with different challenges.Topics of lectures will cover areas that professionals and young people themselves recognized as the most challenging. Within the identified areas we will thoroughly present the tools and procedures that individuals can use to improve their quality of life. In doing so, we will achieve the following objectives:
- open discussions on the issues that the public considered as "taboo" topic;

- educating and helping young people to identify signs of trouble by themselves and be as independent as possible to eliminate them;

- achieve a higher level of satisfaction in life in general;- promoting awareness and providing information on young people's mental health issues.