Loss of jobs, frustration and the inability to find a constant activity are some of the consequences of pandemics that deeply affected the population.

People lost their hope and motivation in accomplishing their goals, following their dreams which consequently lead to disintegration within the society. There is an urgent necessity to address this issue and to remind them that their skills and potential are valuable for their development and that of the community.  

The Chisinau hub will organize a series of interviews with people that shape the local community with the aim to inspire everyone, to give insights about what it takes to build up a future in a certain domain and to make them dare about taking action. People that will be interviewed are from multiple fields.

Moreover, the focus of the discussions will be on the challenges that interviewees have encountered on their way of fulfilling their goals, learnt lessons and what advice do they have for the ones that want to make a change. The interviews will help to connect the community with people that have gained a good amount of knowledge through their experience. The aim of the project is to reach 2500 people.