Charity clothes collection

Clothes collection event in the run up to winter, for the homeless supported by the Kapucynów Friars Monastery in Warsaw.

The collection will be organized in form of an informal event combined with an opportunity to have lunch together and to network. By creating an informal networking opportunity, the event will aim to attract interest from professionals from a variety of sectors, brought together because of their significant international backgrounds, underlining the global context of WEF and the Global Shapers community. It will promote social entrepreneurship and involvement in pro-bono activities targeting local communities and it will motivate participants to copy similar initiatives in their workplaces.

The Kapucynów Friars Monastery specializes in supporting the homeless of Warsaw, with daily distribution of meals, collection of clothes, organisation of coaching programmes and more. They will ensure that all is donated is given to those in need.

Most needed are winter trousers, shirts, shoes, jackets, socks and jumpers (for autumn and winter, etc.). If more women's clothes are collected than are needed for the homeless supported by the Monastery, they will be given to the Women's Rights Centre with whom we have also worked before, who run a shelter for women victims of violence and their children.

In March 2014, GS Warsaw Hub organized a collection of clothes for the homeless in the run up to Eastern.