Chicago River Project - Cleaning & Supporting the Chicago River

Problem Statement

The Chicago river is central to the city, the community, and the wildlife. However issues such as pollution threaten the well-being of these groups and the river itself. The Chicago Global Shapers hope to support a more thriving Chicago River through supporting cleanup of the river.

Target Group

The river project is focused on supporting the cleanup of the Chicago River through fundraising and volunteer efforts.

Proposed Solution

Support the cleanup of the Chicago River through fundraising (grant writing, facilitating in-kind donations) and volunteer efforts (river cleanup events, research)

Hub Activities

The team has facilitated a $10k donation from Wateriders to Urban Rivers in the form of 5 kayaks and a dingy. These will be cleaned up/repaired and co-branded with Urban Rivers and Chicago Global Shapers for use in future cleanup events.

A river cleanup event put on by Urban Rivers, Wateriders, and Chicago Global Shapers with expected attendance of around 150 people is planned for 4/10/21.

Additional volunteer hours have been supporting research efforts for Urban Rivers, state agencies, and environmental agencies. Research efforts have supported the Wild Mile macroinvertibrate population impact report, migratroy bird watching, and mussel propagation.

Future work plans to engage Army Corps of Engineers and other river stakeholders to cleanup & support efforts in the Bubbly Creek area.

Available Metrics

# People Reached / Mobilised, # Volunteers, # Volunteer Hours, $ Financial Fundraising, # Trash Collected / Upcycled


Urban Rivers, Wateriders

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