Childcare For Careers

Problem statement: Daycare in Geneva is either too expensive or not available, meaning that parents often have to compromise with one of the two not working or less. As a matter of fact, it is often the mother. 

Target group: Young parents struggling to find an accessible and affordable daycare place for their young kids.

Proposed Solution: Childcare for Careers is an initiative of the Global Shapers Geneva Hub. With this project, the hub aims to improve executive-level gender parity through sustainable childcare. The mission of the project is to ensure that childcare is affordable and accessible by helping employers see the economic benefits of providing a childcare center. The project is addressing both mothers and fathers, promoting the notion that childcare is a family responsibility.

Hub activities:

The hub wanted to

- First: raise awareness with companies and civil society about the need for sustainable childcare for both parents.

- Second: kick off the project at a company level, the hub will be focusing on a blueprint to guide the discussion with HR staff, directors or executives whose priorities are to:

  1. Attract and retain top talent: 84% of parents working for an organization say employer-sponsored childcare was important in their decision to join the company

  2. Reap the benefits of diversity: childcare allowance is deductible as an employment expense against business income for tax purposes, and companies with diversity in the board are proven to be more profitable

The hub also wanted to act as a pro bono consultancy, providing solutions, contacts and resources to help companies provide employer-supported childcare. There are four ways to support a local nursery for a company: build and own a nursery, finance the creation of a nursery, guarantee to fill places in a nursery or subsidized nursery fees. As part of their services, the hub wanted to share support materials, connects the organization with different alternatives of childcare consultants and organizes quarterly 30-minute check-ins to address any roadblocks and celebrate company successes. Find out more: