Chunikhel Health Post

The Chunikhel Health Post was part of the Kathmandu Hub's effort to assist the rebuilding and reconstruction of the city following the devastating 2015 earthquake. The hub raised more than $130,000 from global, public, and private partners - including a CHF20,000 grant by the World Economic Forum - and rebuilt the health post in Chunikhel.


The health post directly benefits over 6000 community members every year through the provision of healthcare services.

Before COVID, the healthpost served as a safe place for pregnant women to give birth. The majority of patients came to treat non-communicable diseases like gastritis and respiratory illnesses.

During COVID, the health workers at Chunikhel continued doing their work on a rotational basis with the help of the municipal health authorities and other health partners - providing important 'contact tracing' and 'follow up services, and the health workers went to meet the patients at their homes as well.

Every available health service in the health post is free of cost to the patient.

Impact Area

E&E, E&I, COVID-19 Response