Cipó de Jabuti - Amazon riverine stories

Cipó de Jabuti is a virtual reality mini documentary about the riverine communities of the Amazon Rainforest.


We aim to tell the stories of the communities who live on Rio Negro, emphasizing how they ensure the well-being between people and the natural ecosystem around them. Climate action (SDG 13) and reduction of inequalities (SDG 10) are the main Sustainable Development Goals we explore in our project. The authorship is shared between Odenilze Ramos, Rafael Bittencourt and Guilherme Novak, in partnership with members from the Global Shapers Community from all over Brazil.


The project’s creative process was oriented by community-centered design. It was because of the collaboration between the production team and the riverine communities of Saracá and Tumbira that we got to the main argument of the documentary and were able to explore all of its complexity: riverine communities act through community-based tourism as an alternative to deforestation. They are experimenting with a sustainable way of living in the largest rainforest in the world. And it is through this activity that they are fighting to keep the forest standing.

Participating hubs: Brasilia Hub, Joinville Hub, São Paulo Hub, Fortaleza Hub, Rio de Janeiro Hub, Manaus Hub, Porto Alegre Hub, Belo Horizonte Hub, Curitiba Hub, Florianopolis Hub, Salvador da Bahia Hub




By using immersive media via 360º footage of the riverine communities, we were able to have more empathic conversations about these topics. The documentary was selected for the MY World 360º campaign (a collaboration between Digital Promise, Oculus From Facebook and SDG Action Campaign), and was screened at the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (New York, 2019) and at the Global Festival of Action (Bonn, 2019) for world leaders and heads of state.


At the SDG Action Zone 2019, the Global Shapers who led the project were invited to deliver a talk facilitated by Nadira Hira, the host of the SDG Action Zone, and placed within a schedule of notable speakers such as Bill Gates, Zoleka Mandela and Prof. Klaus Schwab.


  • On-site exhibitions in Brazil and the United States

  • 16 press mentions

  • 26,333 people reached worldwide on social media

  • 5,440 views on social media




Cipó de Jabuti - Amazon Riverine Stories was selected for the MY World 360º campaign, a collaboration among Digital Promise, Oculus from Facebook, and the UN SDG Action Campaign. The MY World 360º community of immersive creators is growing. If you are interested in submitting your own immersive media projects regarding the SDGs, join the conversation at SDG Action Campaign.




You can watch Cipó de Jabuti both with or without a virtual reality headset here:

Cipó de Jabuti - Amazon Riverine Stories (English)

Cipó de Jabuti - Histórias Ribeirinhas da Amazônia (Brazilian Portuguese)


Click here to view official photos from our project's media kit.

All credits: Rafael Bittencourt @bttncrt