Civic And Policy Engagement Project

Problem Statement 

NYC’s policies are not sufficiently being shaped by New Yorkers. There is an opportunity to engage the community and citizens towards shaping better local policy.

Proposed Solution 

To host a series of workshops to discuss issues and share ideas on opportunities to improve local policy. The project will work with participants to draft a series of recommendations to share with local policymakers.

Target Groups 

Global Shapers first, then minority communities and younger individuals under 30.

Hub Activities

  • How to make your voice heard to local officials (via policy proposal writing, emails/calls, setting up meetings) 

  • Guidance on getting involved with and taking on leadership roles at community boards

  • Policy training workshop to engage New Yorkers on local issues

  • Draft policy papers with set of recommendations targeted at improving local policy

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results

  • Work with the Global Shapers community (and immediate network) to think critically about concerns with local policy and scope solutions. Organize policy workshops and trainings to engage Global Shapers and craft recommendations to improve local policy. Mobilize a working group of at least 4-6 who are passionate about making a difference together to start working on draft policy paper with recommendations.

  • We hope to scale policy training and policy discussions (in collaboration with our Brooklyn and Queens Hubs) to underserved NYC residents represented across numerous backgrounds and districts. We would increase their level of awareness of the various methods that are available to them to make an impact on decisions in the city. We hope to reduce levels of apathy, confusion, and hopelessness that are present in the populace. We would also improve participation and equity in community boards.

Available Metrics

  • # of trained and empowered NYC citizens thinking critically about opportunities to improve local policy (based on live workshop attendance)

  • % improvement in understanding of policy influence methods (via surveying) (one survey pre workshop, one survey 30 days after workshop) 

  • # of policy recommendations drafted (within 90 days of workshops)

  • # of additional people attending community board meetings (within 90 days of workshops) 

  • # of letters/calls sent to local officials on policy recommendations (within 90 days of workshops)

  • # of policy recommendations shared with local policymakers and opportunity available to secure implementation (within 120 days of workshops)

Potential Collaborators

Organizations such as 'Make the Road New York' are already active in the civic engagement training space. The project also might look to partner with local policy advocacy organizations.