Claiming the Future: Building an Inclusive 4IR

This project was initiated by: Bangalore Hub

The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings with it the challenge of reskilling, upskilling and redeployment of all human capital. In this context, women and other marginalized gender groups are particularly vulnerable due to the enormous structural disadvantages they face, be it in education, skills development, professional know-how, or even something as fundamental as safety and mobility. As these groups encounter new challenges layered over long-established ones, there exists a risk of their being left behind in terms of socio-economic advancement when dealing with transitions brought by the future of work. 

In addition to being professionally skilled, mobile and digitally proficient, women and other marginalized genders will require targeted support to make their way in the world of work. This project will aim to create a support system through a thematic campaign which mobilizes Shapers from around the world to undertake hub projects tackling the various barriers women and other marginalized gender groups face in their employment through digital and offline interventions. The project also aspires to create a global knowledge sharing platform around the subject of future of work for women and other marginalized genders by leveraging the experiences of various stakeholders such as Global Shaper Hubs, civil society organisations, corporates, and government agencies, who will be involved in the project.  


Overall, the project hopes to effectively facilitate the transition of 20,000+ women and other gender minorities into the future of work and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.