ClimACT: Young Leaders for a Sustainable Future

Problem Statement: The project aims to address the lack of awareness and understanding among teenagers regarding climate change, its impacts, and the actions to be taken.

Target Group: The project is designed to support young individuals aged 13-19, empowering them to take action against climate change in their communities.

Proposed Solution: To address the identified problem, the project focuses on providing climate action education to teenagers. The project team has structured the project around four thematic areas: Understanding Climate Change. Identifying Its Causes and Impacts. Exploring Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies. Developing Climate Action Plans.

Short-term Goals:

  • Train 20-30 students about climate action.

  • Increase participants' knowledge about climate change concepts after the training sessions.

Long-term Goals:

  • Foster a generation of environmentally conscious teenagers who actively engage in climate action.

  • Create a network of young climate leaders who continue to drive sustainability efforts in their communities.

Project Metrics:

  • Number of Students Trained: The initial goal was to train 20–30 students in climate action. Actual Outcome: The hub successfully trained 18 students within the project timeline.

  • Knowledge Enhancement Index: The hub conducted pre-and post-training assessments to measure the knowledge gained by participants about climate change concepts. Participants' average pre-assessment score was 40%, while the average post-assessment score increased to 80%, indicating a significant improvement in their understanding of climate change.

  • Community Engagement Rate: To assess the impact of the training sessions, the hub is tracking the percentage of participants who actively engage in community climate projects post-training.

  • Participant Feedback and Behavior Change: The hub is conducting post-training surveys to gather qualitative feedback and assess behavior change.

Project Collaborators: For this project, the hub collaborated with the team at Daftarkhwan for the venue and with SOC Films to distribute a book on Pakistan’s Climate Change Heroes to the participants.