Climate Action Campaign - Small Steps with huge Impact


People in the world needs to perform these challenges  so that they can take action and raise awareness on their private contribution to climate change.


All people interested in taking action against climate change, but do not know what to do.


We are proposing to launch a three day campaign happening before the 25.09.2020 that marks the global day of climate action. Each day the registered participants will get a new challenge that teaches them what impact their contribution has. We are planning to this on a yearly basis with an increased audience.


We are organizing a registration link to be able to track our outreach. 

All registered participants will receive three challenges during the campaign happening from 22.09.-24.09.2020.

The challenges will be regarding food (prepare a dinner with local food and learn how much CO2 emission has been used), transportation (one day without going by car, just by public transport or bike or by walk) and consumption (one day without buying anything except food/drink). 

We will do a questionnaire at the beginning and at the end of the campaign to be able to measure our impact, how much CO2 has been saved during these 3 days and if the participants actually did do it.


Reduced CO2 Emission by participant

Increased awareness about how much CO2 everyone uses in terms of food, transport and consumption.


We hope that this campaign will deliver positive results and feedback so that we can continue doing such kind of campaigns, assuring we can generate impact by that.

Plan is to repeat this campaign in a cross-hub collaboration to increase baseline. Another feedback is to include this into schools to ingrain in education.


  • # of participants: 54 - from all over the world

  • # of completed challenges: 78% of answering participants performed all challenges

  • # of saved CO2 by each participant: average of 68,1 kg CO2, overall 681 kg from answers, scaling it to all 54 would be 3678,15 kg CO2

  • level of awareness regarding CO2 consumption on food, transportation and consumption (by doing two questionnaires): 72% responded they increased their awareness 

  • continuation of the suggested actions against climate change (quick questionnaires after the campaigns)


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