Climate Classrooms in Zurich

The Zurich Hub seeks to partner with the One UN Partnership on Climate Change Learning (UN CCLearn) and deliver a series of pop-up climate classrooms in the city. The climate classroom is 25 to 45-minute interactive lesson on a single climate change topic (e.g. deciphering key terms from climate science, stories of climate adaptation and resilience, the to fly or not to fly dilemma). Climate experts deliver the lesson in a public space to a diverse audience using accessible language and relevant examples and activities. The model has been successfully tested with high-level negotiators at COPs and company employees (e.g. Nestle). The Zurich Hub believes it could bring a much needed 'espresso shot' of knowledge on climate to interested students and families. Through this project, the hub aims to make knowledge of key climate change concepts accessible and fun for more people in Zurich to motivate them to do their part for the environment.