Climate Classrooms in Zurich

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Zurich Hub has put on hold the delivery of live pop-up climate classrooms in the city. However, the team is still engaged in testing out a series of alternative climate related projects, for example: Sustainability blog – where we portray people who commit a large part of their professional and/or private life to the broad field of Sustainability. Or the Climate cooking classes – where we teach simple climate-friendly recipes while fundraising for reforestation projects, learn about the next one on our Instagram account.

Problem Statement: The Climate Classrooms are a climate education initiative that was created by the One UN Partnership on Climate Change Learning (UN CC:Learn) to serve the needs for knowledge on climate topics for busy negotiators at UN Climate Convention meetings. With scientific, technological and social developments, including the climate strikes, climate change has become not only a highly complex multi-faceted issue, but also one that demands citizens to take a political stance on. Our team of Shapers from Zurich aimed to bring this international initiative to the citizens of Zurich, so that they can make more informed decisions on climate.

Target Group: Mixed audience in Zurich

Proposed Solution: We provided a series of short pop-up climate classrooms in public spaces. We used noise-cancelling headsets, thematic experts and interactive learning methodology.

Hub Activities: Organization of classrooms, experts’ recruitment and coaching, advertising, volunteer recruitment

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results: Our goals were to reach 10-20 participants informed and engaged with the topic per session. Our longer term goal was for diverse individuals to gain insights into climate change news and inspiration for climate action in their communities. Climate experts benefit from a direct communication channel to other community stakeholders. Ultimately, we aimed for a greater and more cohesive citizen support for ambitious climate action in Zurich.

Available Metrics: 

·        4 pop up climate classrooms in Zurich with appr. 45 participants (Non-shapers)

·        1 climate dialogue for appr. 20 people (Shaper only)

·        3 remote climate cooking workshops with appr. 25 participants (Mixed group)

Collaborators: United Nations Institute for Research