Climate Conversations Survey

Problem Statement: 

There is a lack of city-level data on what citizens know about climate, its impacts to their local area, or what actions are or could be taken to either mitigate carbon emissions or adapt to climate change impact. Without the ability to measure these perceptions and intentions, cities cannot deliver on citizens' needs or expectations. 


The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) has set an ambitious target to achieve net zero by 2038; a target that isn’t perceived to be well-known or understood amongst many ordinary Mancunians. Progress toward the target is slow at best, and entirely off-track at worst. 


Target Group: 

Individuals, communities and organisations in Greater Manchester, with potential to replicate in other regions.


Proposed Solution: 

Rather than develop a project that we believe meets the needs of Manchester communities, we are asking them about what they know, and what they want. 


The climate conversations project is a two-phase project: first, we will undertake a survey to determine climate change awareness, knowledge and priorities in Manchester. Second, we will develop a project to meet the gaps or demands as identified in the survey. 


An extensive research phase to understand our stakeholders enables us to co-design a meaningful and sustainable project. In Greater Manchester, our project must ensure a just transition: we cannot address climate change without addressing the deprivation that makes communities more vulnerable to its impacts. We will document and open-source our survey methodology, data & report findings to enable other Hubs and communities to apply this model to their own context, while allowing us to collaborate with local stakeholders and decision makers.

Project Objectives

  1. To foster stronger connections with Greater Manchester communities. 

  2. To measure the perception of and attitudes towards the climate crisis in Manchester.

  3. To identify the climate action priorities of Greater Manchester communities. 

  4. To develop a project that meets the needs of Greater Manchester communities. 

Project Deliverables

  1. A survey to deliver to the community

  2. A report analysing the survey findings

  3. An event to launch the report with the community

  4. A project plan to implement a climate action project that the community wants

  5. A knowledge base or playbook that allows replication, recreation or scaling of this project.

Hub Activities: 

  1. Design and develop a survey, with supplemental educational materials

  2. Capture 1,000 responses to the survey (in-person and online), with support from volunteers

  3. Develop relationships with community groups & leaders to promote survey

  4. Analyse survey findings

  5. Develop a report based on the survey

  6. Host a launch event to release the report findings

  7. Plan a project that meets the needs of Greater Manchester communities, based on survey findings.

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results: 


  1. Strengthen awareness of Global Shapers as a force for climate action in Manchester.

  2. Develop city-level data on attitudes toward climate change and desired climate actions.

  3. Create a climate project that meets community needs.



  1. Enable anyone to leverage insights or recreate the survey in their community through open-sourcing data and methods.

  2. Increase awareness and education of climate change impacts at local level.

  3. Strengthen community resilience to climate change impacts sustainably, with local buy-in and ownership.