Climate Education MX

Problem Statement:

The effects of climate change are directly impacting our lives and lifestyles. It is crucial to start creating a network of change agents large and committed enough to preserve the future of our country, its incredible fauna and flora, wonderful landscapes, and the well-being of our future generations.

Target Group:

Bringing climate change education and awareness to children and young people, using their energy, desire to learn and creativity, will help us create long-term sustainable solutions.

Proposed Solution:

Climate Education MX, in collaboration with the NGO Sin Planeta B, seeks to motivate local communities to change their lifestyles, through education in climate change. The objective is to successfully implement local programs to encourage communities to generate sustainable solutions and adapt to the climate change reality.

Hub Activities:

The hub wishes to start this initiative in the city of Guadalajara and share its experience and educational plan with the other hubs so they can each implement their own programme.

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results:

In partnership with the NGO, Sin Planeta B, we can reach more schools and people. So far, more than 9000 children and teenagers have received climate change education with the initiative.

Available Metrics: