Climate Initiatives in Lyon

The Global Shapers Lyon Hub's Project for a Climate aims to bring together local actors to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The project includes initiatives such as a podcast, pro bono assistance for local businesses, and guidance for students to facilitate access to the green job market. The project is designed to create a more sustainable future for Lyon and beyond.

Goals: The primary goal is to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility among local actors. The project aims to achieve this by creating a platform for businesses and individuals to share their challenges and successes in sustainability, providing guidance and support to local businesses in implementing sustainable practices and guiding students towards sustainable careers.

Impact: The project's impact will be measured by the number of businesses and individuals who participate in the project's initiatives, the number of sustainable practices implemented by local businesses, and the number of students who are guided towards sustainable careers. The podcast will be monitored for its reach and impact, and feedback from local businesses and students will be collected to evaluate the effectiveness of the project.

Ultimately, the project's impact will be seen in the reduction of environmental impact in Lyon and the creation of a more sustainable future for the city and its inhabitants.