Climate Uprise: Raising Climate Awareness and Resilience

In light of the looming climate emergency, evidenced by staggering facts such as (1) the global temperature increase of 1.1°C compared to the pre-industrial era and (2) the alarming forecasts from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicting a temperature rise of 2°C by 2100 that could lead to the extinction of 18% of terrestrial species, the Algiers Hub has undertaken a vital initiative.

We are embarking on a project aimed at educating and informing youth in the city of Algiers about the challenges of climate change. These young individuals, as the leaders of tomorrow, are pivotal in becoming change agents and combating this phenomenon that threatens our planet.

This project consists of two phases. The first phase will consist of workshops and sessions led by experienced environmental experts and consultants, covering critical and essential topics in the environmental field. The second phase involves panels, discussions, and debates led by young people for young people. During the second stage, young individuals will convene for roundtable discussions to address emerging global issues and pressing concerns, with a specific focus on Algeria.

Partners and Stakeholders: University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene in Algiers, Biosciences Club Scientificat USTHB, other Youth-Led Algeria Associations.

This is a project organised by the Algiers Hub part of the MENA Climate Literacy cross-hub initiative launched by the Jeddah Hub.