The climate-related challenges ahead are immense. In order to meet them, society must understand them. Schools are an important and effective forum for raising climate change awareness in society. For the streamlining of this notion, the national school curriculum - which in Sweden doesn’t currently include classes on climate change - would be the ideal starting point. As of February 2019, tens of thousands of pupils all over the world are striking in the name of climate change, sparked by Greta Thunberg’s school strike for the climate that took place in Stockholm in September 2018. The demand for climate action from the youth is clear, but there is an apparent lack of supply for it from the education sector. Climate needs to make its way to school.

The Global Shapers Stockholm Hub has developed the project climate2curriculum to create a platform for teachers to exchange ideas about how to best implement climate change education into their classes. In the long-term, climate change education needs to find its rightful place in national curriculums. In the short-term, the hub wants this platform to encourage and inspire teachers to provide the best means for their pupils to be prepared for life in a society governed by climate variability.