Coca Cola Challenge "Set your Direction Initiative"

Al Khobar Hub Team participated with the "Set Your Direction Initiative" in the Coca Cola Challenge: Shaping a better future. The winner of the Coca Cola Challenge will be given a USD 10,000 grant to help further their initiative.

We strive to foster a community of young people that think proactively and appreciate the bigger picture   when assessing their future career options. The first step in a career roadmap is to know oneself. Therefore, it is crucial for students to identify their interests, values, skills and personality preferences in order to make a well–informed decision about their majors, and ultimately, career paths. This is especially crucial as our current educational system lacks such counseling in its curriculum. In our project, we visited 25 schools around the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia to discuss the different tools available to help the students choose an appropriate career path. The discussions commenced with a   background presentation and informational material to the students at each school, followed by an open  floor discussion. Following the school visits, a detailed exhibit was made available by Rawabi Holding, our corporate sponsor, which aims to shed additional light on the nature of various career options available to the youth and simultaneously hosted experts to represent these career choices with the help of more than 50 trained ushers at each booth. Prominent and successful motivational speakers were also featured to   further generate enthusiasm and provide valuable information. Shapers also made available year round career counseling by creating an email account for students to send their questions regarding college majors and career prospects. The questions are then sorted and sent to volunteers in the related fields to provide individualized and tailored advice to students.