Coconfinés Online Platform for Those Confined During COVID-19

We may be confined, but we are not alone! Coconfinés (co-confined) is a platform that aims to provide information and resources to map and participate in citizen initiatives. To do so, this platform gathers information on a variety of topics ranging from COVID-19 related news from reliable sources to information about working from home, individual’s well-being, culture, initiatives to help fellow citizens, a crowdsourced map and much more. Created and launched by Paris-based Global Shaper Andrés Bedoya and a group of like-minded friends looking to help people during the health crisis, Coconfinés is a collaborative platform where independent citizens are invited to contribute content, propose new ideas to help the community, or simply browse and enjoy. The platform went live on March 20th, and already has a wealth of interesting, informative and entertaining content to keep anyone in quarantine occupied. This initiative could also be a great place for Shapers from other Hubs to get involved and share their experiences. The website can be found here and you can also follow them on Twitter (@coconfines) and Facebook (Coconfinés).