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Problem Statement

Nowadays children not only have more access to AI but are also exposed to its impact through algorithms and interactions with platforms that they use on their day-to-day. AI literacy and digital citizenship are key to the safe and successful use of such technologies.

Target Group

Our target group is children from vulnerable populations between 6-12 years old. Currently, our partnerships for beneficiaries focus on NGOs that work to support children from vulnerable communities.

Proposed Solution

To address this problem we use the content from on Computer Science Fundamentals (CSF) for children, to teach the vulnerable youth about CSF, and based on content from the Digital Intelligence Framework we created content for teaching internet safety and developing children's digital citizenship skills.

Hub Activities

Curitiba hub has already partnered with local NGO "CIAF - Integrated Center for Family Support". We go there 1-2 a month to give a workshop to the children beneficiaries from the organization. Two, or three shapers work with one group of 30 children. We have, so far, done 3 activities, two unplugged and one using the tablets that the NGO received as a donation.

Short and Long-term Goals/Results

Short-term goals: one of our goals is to have at least 80% of the children complete the course, and be able to move to a more advanced one. We also aim to co-create a healthier digital safety culture for them within the foundation (with the use of the tablets that they have) and in their homes.

Mid-term goals: for the following months we will seek to expand to 1-2 NGOs working with children from vulnerable communities, to expand and diversify our project.

Long-term goals: for the longer run we want to replicate this project in other cities across the world, to facilitate this we aim to work on a digital handbook/toolkit with the implementation strategy to be easily replicated.

Available Metrics

The number of children enrolled/that successfully conclude the training; the number of sessions carried out; the number of teachers/facilitators trained on the materials, number of families impacted.

We are using the platform of, I have been certified with their "Train the trainers" certificate.

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