Combat COVID. Stop misinformation.

The world and our generation now sit on the edge of a paradigmatic shift in the way we operate our daily lives and plan our immediate futures. In such times we, as Global Shapers, need to be more united than ever.


In support of the “COVID Action in Europe” project collaborating with WHO Europe – an initiative that, amongst other things, provides WHO with an opportunity to gather information from Shapers on any rumours or potential misinformation that is circulating in different cities within the region - the “Combat COVID. Stop Misinformation.” project aims to amplify our reach in collecting rumours or misleading information. Through sharing between 8 and 12 posts on social media accounts over the next 6-8 weeks, calling upon readers to share any rumours or potential misinformation they hear, the project endeavours to generate information for the WHO Europe to inform their communication around COVID-19.

To share rumours you've heard, head to: