Communities Against Covid-19

Problem Statement:

The population in Recife and metropolitan region needs help to face the New CoronaVirus pandemic so that risks can be mitigated and damage minimized.

Target Group:

People in a situation of social vulnerability during the pandemic.

Proposed Solution:

Mobilize the population to act and face the economic and health crises caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, through crowdfunding campaigns, raising awareness and reinforcing sanitary measures, and connecting people in need with those willing to help.

Hub Activities:

  • The Recife Hub has created and supported crowdfunding campaigns in order to finance the purchase of food and masks that were donated to the needy population.

  • Digital Awareness campaigns were created to highlight the importance of respecting the lockDown and sanitary measures, in addition to the tougher measures being taken by local authorities.

  • A website was created ( with the aim of connecting people and projects that needed help with anyone who could contribute.

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results: 

In the short term, the Hub has supported the establishment of the lockdown in Recife and the metropolitan region. The Hub has distributed food and masks to people in vulnerable situations and has supported social projects and initiatives locally.

In the long term, it is expected that the establishment of a lockdown, the increased awareness around sanity measure and the extensive use of masks will help mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the population, especially among the most vulnerable ones.

Available Metrics:

How many people did the project mobilized? More than 3600 people were mobilized to help others.

How many Shapers participated? 20 shapers. 

How many masks were distributed to population? 920 masks and 300 face shields for health professionals.

How much money was raised to distribute food for needy people? More than R$ 32.000,00 (US$ 6366,46).


Rede Meu Recife, Ocupação Saruê, Gris Solidário, PE de Luta, Livroteca Brincante do Pina, Frente Favela Brasil, Fruto de Favela, Girassol da Solidariedade, Salve Maracaípe, Nexa PE (Junior Achieviment Pernambuco).